Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Third GOP House Seat Lost - UPDATED

Yesterday the Republican party lost it's third special house seat election in the Mississippi 1st district. This wasn't the region in Mississippi that I grew up in but I know the area well. This is really bad for our party. This is a district that Bush carried by over 60%.

It's clear that this fall will be brutal for Republicans. Anyone with a 55/45 congressional district is in play with a lot of 55-59%GOP seats. I sure hope this trend bottoms out before 2009 or we are in for some real difficulty in the statewide and house of delegate races.

UPDATE: We received an email from a reader expressing concern that my post could be used by Democrats against our candidates. First, this post is for Republicans who just don't get it. We are in trouble and so far most have been unwilling to admit it or do anything about it. For the past few years, we've had Republicans running against Republicans and Democrats running against Republicans. That means Republicans are going to lose, which is what we've been doing a lot of lately.

Yes, this is a public blog and my comments can be used by others, even if out of context. But that concern shouldn't override the need to speak openly and honestly about the situation our party is in. If we don't talk about it, nothing will change and we will continue to lose. Instead of worrying about our dirty laundry, lets put it through the wash and start winning elections again.

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JTylerBallance said...

Like manna from Heaven, the Republicans are out in force. All of their statewide candidates are trumpeting the virtues of Tolls and the use of public-private partnerships, otherwise known as selling our infrastructure to Dutch and Red Chinese interests.

If Creigh Deeds will take the position that not one inch of highway will be sold out from under the citizens, he will have a HUGE crossover vote from Virginia Republicans.

John Miller needed a big Republican crossover to win in the First District and he got it when his opponent gave him a gift by saying that she would de-fund public schools. Now, the Republicans have come right out on the record and said what many of us had suspected for a long time, they represent the big multinational oligarchs, and not the citizens of Virginia.

If Creigh will only come out against these sell-offs of our infrastructure, he will be our next Governor and probably any other office that he wants will be there on a platter, since he will have earned the love and respect of the rank and file of Virginians from all political parties.

The Republican leadership has indicated their plan to sell us out. My hope and my prayer is that Creigh will stand with, and for the citizens, and oppose any form of the sale of infrastructure, or Tolls on our roads. I would much rather pay a gas tax increase than pass along the legacy of toll roads and foreign ownership to our next generation.

I am not ready to abandon the GOP, but this current crop of “leaders” has clearly signaled that they are working for the multinationals and not Us.

Creigh Deeds is the only Democrat that I know who can, like Jim Webb, get a major crossover vote from statewide Republicans and Conservatives. If Creigh takes a strong stand for the citizens and against multinational ownership of our infrastructure, Virginians will love him as our next Governor.