Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Frederick Runs for RPV Chair – Will Not Seek Re-election to House

Now that I’ve got your attention….so that’s not a news headline, but it’s my suspicion.

For weeks now, I’ve wondered why Jeff Frederick was running for RPV Chairman. It’s an unpaid position that has not exactly been kind to previous holders. He’s already a member of the House of Delegates. Why not just use that platform to increase your prominence within the party?

But now I get it.

I did not receive the email from Amy Frederick that Zak referenced in his recent post, but I did receive the letter from Speaker Howell. The same letter Amy received.

This letter was obviously sent to those signed up as Delegates to the Convention. My envelope was addressed to Brandon Bell, just as I signed up at my local Mass Meeting—not the Honorable J. Brandon Bell as RPV correspondence is normally addressed. Again, this is just a Delegate list. Whoever coordinated the mailing likely didn’t know who Amy Frederick was. They must have removed Jeff’s name but not Amy’s.

The letter itself is not personalized. It’s addressed to “Dear Fellow Republican”. And not only does the letter mention Jeff just once, Howell speaks of him in a positive light. Quoting Speaker Howell, “While Jeff Frederick is a fine Delegate, I believe that John Hager’s leadership is best for our Party at this important time.” Not exactly the attack on Jeff that Amy claims.

Now back to my original headline--Jeff Frederick is not planning to run for re-election to the House. Why am I so sure? No Delegate who wants a future in the House would ever speak out against the Speaker in such a reckless way. Yes, I know it’s his wife, but we all know she didn’t write it. It’s just like Jeff said it. Jeff is in a tough district that will only get tougher, plus there’s that whole redistricting thing. He might be able to hang on for another election or two, but I think Jeff sees the writing on the wall. And RPV Chairman gives him the perfect out.


Riley said...

I have to disagree. First, Amy is pretty smart politically and most likely did write this and did it on her own (getting Jeff to sign off on it of course before she sent it.)

Second, I live in this district. If anything, it is getting frendlier for Jeff. Illegal aliens are moving out of Woodbridge due to the Prince William County anti-illegal alien measures. High-end developments are popping up throughout this district with more in the pipeline. Jeff defeated the toughest opponent the Dems could have thrown at him 3 years ago and crushed his opponent last year. He's set in this district as long as he wants.

D.J. McGuire said...

I'm with Riley on this one.

Frederick's district is trending better for him, not worse.

Besides, Bill Howell's endorsement probably hurt Hager as much as it helped him. He is not well loved in the eastern part of the state.

I wouldn't be surprised if Howell faced a primary challenge next year.

Brandon Bell said...


Maybe Jeff will run for his house seat in 2009 but things don't add up with this one. Maybe this is the first salvo in replacing Howell as speaker. I'm just saying something else is going on.

I'm sorry Riley--if Amy is smart politcally she doen't harm her husband by attack a candidate's surrogate when Jeff wasn't attacked by Howell. What candidate then has his wife do such a thing? You never attack the surrogate unless you are trying to accomplish something else entirely.

Also I can't believe Amy had the info on her regarding who Bill Howell introduced at a state convention in 1993. Heck I was at that convention and I don't remember who introduced who. What--was she in high school then? It's obvious to me that the campaign team saw an opportuntity and Jeff blessed it. I just don't think much of using a spouse in a campaign to attack opponents much less the surrogate of your opponent.

Amy said...

Thanks for checking the facts, Brandon. Reckless with words. Jeff has never stated he is not running for re-election, but thanks for checking with him directly. For the record, that was my letter and I stand by it proudly.

Brandon Bell said...


Thanks for reading the blog!

yoder said...

I for one am happy to see a family so interested in keeping Va a GOP state. I would like to say thank you to both Jeff and Amy. We need more young folks like them here in Va. Rather than wondering what schemes they are up to we should be applauding them for their willingness to serve.

Brandon Bell said...


I agree we should encourage young new blood to run for office in Virginia. However my antenna goes up when I see the following: email from spouse that is identical to other campaign emails in form and style, attack on fellow GOP leader when the candidate, Jeff, was mentioned positively in letter, making the response public instead of picking up the phone and calling the speaker and letting him know of the dissatisfaction in the letter, thus giving him the opportunity to apologize.

This was a campaign ploy and I really don't like it. Exchanges like this should be between candidates not spouse to surrogate. Bill Howell and I definitely had our differences on policy, (smokefree legislation) but putting this out in public was not called for.