Monday, May 12, 2008

Brian Wishneff - The Gift That Keeps On Giving

OK. Lets see if we can simplify the recent Brian Wishneff election scandal.

Brian Wishneff runs a campaign for Roanoke City Council based around the slogan "Integrity Matters".

Brian Wishneff runs smear ad against fellow candidate, but refuses to put his own name on the ad, thus violating State law.

Brian Wishneff blames the Roanoke Times for not explaining State law to him when he placed the ad.

Brian Wishneff may now sue the Times for it's coverage of HIS scandal.

To quote the article: "Brian Wishneff accused the newspaper of "trying to influence the election and trying to maim my character.""

No Brian, you took care of maiming your own character. And in doing so, lost your seat.

While it's probably wishful thinking to hope this guy is going to fade away into the background, thank God he is no longer on Council.

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mountain star said...

I agree with Zak whole heartily on the Brain Wishiff matter.

I am personally aware of the Roanoke Times Policy on explaining all the legal terms that have to be made known to the newspaper customer when they place a paid ad with the paper.

This was all Wishniff doings, he just wants someone to blame for his stupidity, total lack of integrity, that ultimately cost him his seat on council. No City or individual needs people of that character representing them.

I only hope this suit gets thrown out of court,( if there really is one filed) and Wisniff cries all the way home, and then takes the next flight out of this City.