Monday, May 5, 2008

Roanoke Council Candidate Smeared on Eve of Election

The Roanoke Times ran a breaking news story today that attack ads run in two local newspapers (including the Times) against City Council candidate Court Rosen were in violation of State Campaign Finance Law. The ads were placed by Citizens for Sensible Decisions. The disclaimer actually read "paid for by Joe Smith, Citizens for Sensible Decisions". But, there is no Joe Smith and the group isn't registered as a Political Action Committee with the State. The fines will be probably be minimal but I think this story illustrates a couple of important points.

One, this "political" group is either completely ignorant of campaign finance law or they don't want to disclose who they are. Bad news in either case. Two, there is a vocal minority that seeks to obstruct progress in our City. They did it with Victory Stadium. They are doing it with Rockledge and the amphitheater. They may not be the same people on each issue (although I suspect many are), but they use similar tactics and the goals are the same--to take Roanoke back to the ice age. OK, maybe not that far back, but they hate change and work against progress. And they use personal attacks and shrill rhetoric to get their way.

I just hope enough citizens, young and old, come out tomorrow and send the obstructionists a message. This is our City too and we are not going to allow a vocal few to stop it from becoming the great place it can be.


jubileekaren said...

Roanoke Citizens smeared by local blogger and president of local community organization.

To make an assumption and categorize those that oppose the restaurant on the mountain and ampitheater is completely ignorant and disrespectful to the citizens of Roanoke. You're doing the same thing the ad did. Which should be just as illegal. It's slanderous by the same definition to a great number of Roanokers. But two wrongs make a right. Right?

Just because myself and others from both the democrats and republicans (which I am), do not agree with your urban sprawl, build it they will come, the more concrete the better, business gets what they want who cares about representing the public philosophy doesn't mean I don't want or bash change!

The restaurant does ten times more harm than good for the community. For more information The ampitheater really needs some serious consideration and concrete investigation into the proposal. Neither location is ideal and we shouldn't do it just to do it (Civic Center addition). Ideally we would be better off placing it outside the city where it would be better situated, more accessible and start working towards actually working together with other communities and make the steps towards becoming the powerhouse that SWVA needs to be.

Even Nelson Harris (who i bet my life on you voted for) doesn't think the City could handle it and has been quoted saying so.

Are you putting him in that category?

I am shocked and offended to read such a statement. It's disgusting.

So what you're saying is we are not allowed to have an opinion unless it's yours?

Get real buddy and start practicing what you preach. Everyone's allowed to have their opinion except in Roanoke where it must be an us vs. them scenario.

Zak Moore said...

As I was saying, shrill rhetoric and personal (even though you don't know me which is kind of amazing, but congrats) attacks. Thank you jubileekaren for making my point.

By the way, I bike on Mill Mountain and would love to see a restaurant/community center up there. Using the Mountain for recreation and supporting Rockledge are not mutually exclusive.

jubileekaren said...

and thank you for showing two wrongs do make a right. Plus, you don't know me, yet you initally made a persomal attack on me and plenty of others. Amazing how it works both ways.

You should practice what you preach or not preach at all. What is your definition of progress anyways?

Zak Moore said...

I didn't attack you. I don't know you. I specifically addressed the unknown (at the time) people behind the smear ad. I made some general comments about those in Roanoke who resist change and progress. I criticized their rhetoric and tactics. Your reaction is exactly what I was talking about. I couldn't have said it better myself. But it's hardly a "personal attack". Criticism yes, but not a smear. I'll leave that to your side.