Friday, May 30, 2008

Hager New Endorsements

Just got wind that George Allen and Ollie North plan to endorse Hager for Chairman today. Seems that momentum is back on Hager's side. We'll see tommorrow!


Anonymous said...

Seems like there may be a rift between the RCRC and the Roanoke County Republicans on the issue of who will lead the GOP after this weekend.

Here are some endorsements of Frederick for you to consider.

Let me know what you think.

Here is the follow-up interview with Chairman Boitnott:

Hank Bostwick

Brandon Bell said...

Rift what rift, Adam is a fine man and is free to support whoever he wants. A state chairman's election has no affect on the local units working together.

Anonymous said...

I said seems like a rift . . . I know Chairman Boitnott is a fine man. Nobody is suggesting otherwise.

However, this blog seems to support Hager while Boitnott supports Frederick. If I improperly characterized that as a rift, please pardon.

I should have written "a difference of opinion."

Can you explain why the organizational needs of the City GOP and the County GOP appear to be different? Or am I reading too much into the endorsement?

Hank Bostwick

"Toofer Flynchen" is a former pseudonym I used when I critiqued the mega-party duopoly that dictates policy in our country. : )

Brandon Bell said...

I would say you are probably reading a little to much into the endorsement. More has to do with individual considerations.

Also I don't speak for all or even most of Roanoke County Republicans. I am sure a number of the them may be supporting Frederick.

Adam W. Boitnott-Chairman said...

It was good to see this weekend that after both elections the party rallied behind the winner. I feel like the party is coming together and will run great races in '08 and '09.