Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hillary's Win, Looking to the Fall

I had heard Hillary would win in West Virginia. I had no idea it would be as big as it was. Sounds like she will win Kentucky next week as well. I still don't see how she can beat Obama for the nomination, but this is sure to draw the process out. And that's good for McCain and Republicans. The big question is how nasty will this get. Will she throw in the towel after the last primary on June 3rd. Or will she start the Florida-Michigan mantra again. If Hillary thinks she's got a shot, she will take this thing to the Convention, even if there is a chance she loses and becomes a political leaper with no chance of running again. Why take the risk? If Obama wins, and there is a good chance he will, Hillary is looking at 2016. That's an awful lot of time for other stars to rise in the Democratic Party--think Obama.

Hillary's win in a State like WV highlights an opportunity for McCain. If he can position Obama as an elitist liberal, he may have a shot at Clinton's working class voters. A tall task for sure, but I think the opportunity is there.

And speaking of the fall, I heard a commentator on TV say that Obama, the most liberal member of the US Senate, will not run as a liberal, but will instead run from the middle--just as most Presidential campaigns are run. But McCain literally is the center. Sure he has some Conservative positions, but he really is the poster child for moderation and centrists politics. Something that usually appeals to the voting public. He doesn't have to spin his voting record to fit his campaign rhetoric. Not sure how much difference it will make....just some food for thought.


ronbailey said...

McCain? Yeah, he's a centrist, all right.

Too bad he's as old as Methuselah, doesn't know the difference between a Shia and a Sunny, and surrounded by lobbyists with
ties to terrorists.

mountain star said...

Who is tied to terrorist.....???

Rethink that statement, Mr. Ron...Obama is likely to be in bed with the terrorist, he wants to "talk" to them, maybe a soothing bed time story will work!

I will take McCain at age 80, then Obama, who visualizes sleeping with our obvious enemies.

If Obama should win, get ready for battles to begin, both on our home soil, as well as over seas.