Tuesday, May 20, 2008

State Convention Phoning

Another call came to my home phone yesterday regarding the US Senate race. The call came during the day so my wife answered the call. It was a survey call for the Marshall campaign. The caller started off asking if Mr. or Mrs. Bell was in. She said she was Mrs. Bell. Then she was asked if she was attending the state convention to which she answered--no. The caller thanked her and disconnected the call.

Now here's the rub. My wife isn't registered as a delegate but I am. Seems there was an oversight in the scripting of the callers. There should have been a follow up question as to whether I was attending the convention or actually using the delegate sign up list to call from. I know this exists because mailings for the convention are only addressed to me. It seems a missed opportunity when you actually get a connect by phone but fail to get any valuable information.

Why am I focusing so much on these phone calls?

With a known universe of delegates calling is the best way to reach them. It is concievable that both candidates could actually personally call undecided or soft support delegates before the convention. Probably only 2500 to 3000 total delegates will attend. Maybe it's Marshall's intent to personally call a large number of delegates. It would be a smart move if it is because I doubt the Governor would do it.

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yoder said...

I know of several people who have been called by Del. Marshall himself. I also know of at least one person who told me that the phone call changed his mind and he will now be voting for Marshall. He said they had a nice talk and was able to ask quite a few questions.