Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Jenny, now Jenny

I got a strange call last night at home. The caller started off saying that she was conducting a survey for those attending the Republican State Convention. She asked who I was supporting for US Senate and State Chairman. I stated that I was undeclared. She seems taken aback. She asked what I considered to be my top issue and was further confused when I said a variety of issues are important to me. My goal was only to find out who was conducting the survey.

The first oddity came when she asked if I needed a ride and a place to stay. I said no but I was really intriqued with who would be willing to pay for my gas and put me up at their house. Huh, I was dying to find out who was doing this so as she was wrapping up the call I asked. No answer. I asked again. Again no answer. She had disconnected or hung up. I have no way of knowing if she heard me ask her to state who was paying for the call. The call clearly was in violation of state election law.

I was guessing that the Gilmore campaign was sponsoring the calls since he has more money that others up for election at the convention. However I don't know for sure of course. If you talk to someone in the campaign you could mention they need to fix their "survey".

Oh yeah, the biggest oddity. My caller id came up 703-867-5309. That's right--the song by Tommy 2Tone--867-5309 Jenny. It was too funny. No way I could make this up. Now I'll have that song in my head all day. "I got your number from the wall, I got it, I got it, for a good time, for a good time call"!

And in case you want the song in your head all day........

UPDATE 5/8 - We received an email from the Gilmore campaign stating that they are not behind these calls. According to the campaign, they are only using volunteer calls and this is not the script.


Shaun Kenney said...

That's hilarious! Guess Gilmore isn't as secure in that nomination contest as some people might think... eh?

yoder said...

I have had two calls like this. One time they asked for me and the other for my wife. I told the lady that I couldn't answer any questions untell I knew who was paying for the call. She told me the name of the company that she worked for but I replied that someone must be paying for the call. She replied that she didn't think anyone was paying for the call. "What, your not getting payed",I asked. She sayed no, she was getting payed by the company she worked for but she wasn't sure who wanted this information. There is no way that this could be legal. At this point I desided that Gilmore must be behind the call so I told her I was voting for Marshal.
I was also told by a Gilmore fan the other day that he had it locked up. When pressed they said that he thought he had about 40% of the votes locked up and that turnout to the convention is only about 75%. Is this true and if so I wonder how he plans on making sure his 40% shows up???? Maybe by offering free gas and lodging????? Wouldn't that be basicly bribing???