Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Brownlee Announces for AG

As expected, John Brownlee, former US District Attorney from Roanoke, has announced as a Republican candidate for Attorney General.

Read the Roanoke Times story here: http://www.roanoke.com/news/breaking/wb/162623

Visit Browlee's website here: http://johnbrownlee2009.com/

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Jason Soiman said...

Well up until now voting for either Cuchinelli or Brownlee was a toss up however I live in Caroline County and was surprised to see my sheriff's name on an e-mail list of those endorsing Brownlee as he normally does not endorse, runs as an independent, come to find out not only did he not endorse Brownlee but sent him a letter in writing over two weeks ago respectfully asking that his name be removed. Today a mailer came, again with the endorsement as well as a number of others who have requested their names be removed. Making some calls to neighboring King George I found out that those endorsements too do not exist and the wishes of those gentlemen have also been ignored by the Brownlee campaign. This sure does not make me feel too good about a candidate who wants to be our chief law enforcement official in the Commonwealth. How many more names are falsely added to that list? Our sheriff was pretty upset, said all he did was shake the guys hand and wish him good luck. I'am going with Cuchinelli.