Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Who Let Those Dawgs Out?

Living in Virginia Tech country, I couldn’t be happier about how the Hokies’ season has worked out. They are to be commended for making a BCS bowl. My wife is a Tech grad, so I hear about the Hokies a lot!

As much as we love VT, I have to comment today on the success of my alma mater. I am a graduate of Mississippi State and I do love SEC sports of most every type. I am extremely proud that my dawgs are going to the Liberty Bowl. This is their first bowl in seven years! There is no doubt that going 7-5 in the toughest conference in America is a major accomplishment.

It is also with a great sense of pride that I congratulate our coach, Sylvester Croom. Coming in four years ago as the first African American coach in the SEC, he had a difficult task ahead of him. The former Alabama star lineman under Bear Bryant has built an up and coming program the right way. Kids that couldn’t take his discipline left the program. When recruiting, he told parents that he would make sure they got an education—not into the NFL. He told them they would go to class or be off his team.

One of my favorite stories on Coach Croom was from his first year. One of his star players arrived late for a class and sat down in front, not thinking much about it. At the end of the class the professor asked for questions and way in the back came a question from none other than Coach Croom. He had been in the class the whole time. The star player slid down in his seat because he knew he was going to be running a few wind sprints that day!

Thanks Coach Croom. You have restored my faith in college sports.

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