Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A 3 Way Race for Governor?

There was much talk among those attending the Advance about the race for Governor in 2009. All three potential contenders were in attendance. But each had a different demeanor and approach.

Bob McDonnell is clearly running and was as close as you can get to openly campaigning without actually doing so. Supporters were spotted wearing “Run Bob Run – Governor 2009” buttons.

George Allen and Bill Bolling were a different story. Allen attended the Saturday luncheon and spoke as Fred Thompson’s surrogate. However, George did not have any type of personal or campaign presence. At the very least I expected a hospitality suite. Allen was not acting like a candidate committed to running for Governor.

As focused as McDonnell seemed to be on 2009, Bolling could not have been more different. In fact, his theme was “Keep the Focus on 2008”. While many were openly speculating about his plans in the coming years, he seemed to find the talk of 2009 distracting. There is no question in my mind that Bill is running in 2009. I just don't believe he knows which office he will seek.


monopoly money said...

McDonnell clearly caught my attention this weekend. He gave a couple of good speeches and folks flocked to him everywhere he went.

I never knew that he grew up in Northern Virginia- I think it's a real advantage when you combine it with his military career and strong conservative leadership.

He's not afraid to make a splash (hence, Redskins cheerleaders) but he is serious about the issues and always gives substantive answers. He's likeable and charismatic.

Nothing against the other two you have, but I was impressed with how many folks have already said they're supporting McDonnell for governor. Good stuff- I'll be watching him closely.

Central VA Conservative said...

I attended the Saturday breakfast where Bolling clearly laid out a positive vision for the future of our party. Needless to say I, and everyone else there, was very impressed.

Through his 100 Ideas initiative, he called on us to focus on returning to issues and ideas, while focusing on the important 2008 elections for President, Senate and Congress.

Too often we in the GOP get too get distracted by jockeying for position in future elections, instead of the ones in front of us. I commend Bolling for his approach.

I trust Republicans will be drawn to his leadership and vision, regardless of what office he runs for or who he runs against.