Monday, December 10, 2007

Right Wing Liberal Goes Over the Top on Taxes

I knew I would take some cheap shots when I entered the blogging world. After twenty years in politics, I guess I am used to it. Shoot, I ran in a primary this year against an opponent who just made stuff up when he was attacking me. Frustrating no doubt, but I’ve got a thick skin. The Right Wing Liberal recently called me one the of “the worst tax hiking cipher(s) to ever darken the door of the Virginia Senate Republican caucus…”. Give me a break. I might have a thick skin, but I also need to set the record straight on this one.

In my first term, I never voted for a statewide tax increase. I was part of the effort to defeat Senator Elliot Schewel’s tax increase on the rich. And I wholeheartedly supported then Governor George Allen’s elimination of the B-Poll tax on our businesses. One of the reasons I lost in 1995 was because I was deemed “too conservative”. Go figure.

Yes, I voted to increase transportation revenue in 2006--a tax increase that all but one member of the Senate, Democrat Chuck Colgan, ultimately voted for (see link below). Of course, this increase was never signed into law. I voted against the 2004 tax increase on the grounds that it was unnecessary and I was proven right. I voted for the successful cut of the food tax and elimination the death tax. I patroned a bill to increase the 529 College Savings Plan tax deduction. If the Right Wing Liberal has kids, he just might benefit from my efforts one day.

Maybe my record on taxes wasn’t perfect enough for some. But was I one of the worst tax hikers in VA Senate Republican history? I think not.

2006 Budget Vote, which included transportation tax increase:


D.J. McGuire said...


Would you kindly show me your vote against the 2004 tax hike? The only vote I see (in the special session) has you absent.

Brandon Bell said...

I would be glad to clarify.

SB 635 - $3.8 billion tax increased proposed in the Senate. I voted No. Bill passed the Senate 27 to 12 on 2/20/04.

SB 30 – 2004-2006 Budget proposed in the Senate. Contained the tax increase. I voted No. Bill passed the Senate 30 to 9 on 2/26/04.

HB 5018 – Compromise tax package passed by both the House and Senate. I opposed, but was in Detroit on a business trip and could not vote.

After having opposed the tax increase throughout the 2004 Session, why on earth would I have supported it this time? The compromise was going to pass the Senate regardless of how I voted. I had no reason to vote for it and every reason to vote against it, which is what I would have done.