Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Reynolds and Puckett: The Keys to a New Republican Majority?

Good Washington Post article today on the geographical tensions within the fragile Senate Democrat majority. The article indicates that the Democrats may have trouble holding onto the votes of some rural Senators including Reynolds, Puckett, Edwards and Deeds. They could be key swing votes on issues such as right to work and gun control.

Reynolds and Puckett could also be key to a new Republican majority. Both represent Republican districts. Both will inevitable come into frequent conflict with their more urban counterparts in Northern Virginia and Tidewater. I have a solution that would reinstall Republicans as the majority party and give Western Virginia some much needed clout. Reynolds and Puckett could declare themselves as Independents and agree to caucus with Republicans. In exchange, they would be given Chairmanships.

Puckett would be an ideal choice to Chair Transportation, and more of an asset to our region than soon to be Chair Yvonne Miller of Norfolk. Reynolds may be interested in Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources. Ag would be a good fit for his rural district and would make a whole lot more sense than Senator Ticer who is from the City of Alexandria.

Some may have heartburn about “making a deal with the devil”. But, there is certainly historical precedent for this type of action. Does anyone remember that Virgil Goode was once a Democrat? We welcomed him with open arms. We should extend the same invitation to Reynolds and Puckett. It would be good for our Republican Party and it would be good for Western Virginia.


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