Monday, December 10, 2007

We Need Tom Davis to Run!

As has been widely noted, Fairfax Congressman Tom Davis was noticeably absent from the Advance earlier this month. He was obviously very involved in his wife’s State Senate race and I am sure he’s taking the loss pretty hard. Unfortunately, he needed to be there.

Keith Fimian is challenging Davis for the Republican nomination and had a hospitality suite at the Advance.

Davis’ absence left many speculating that he doesn’t intend to run for re-election. At the Saturday luncheon, RNC Chair Mike Duncan even referred to the race as the seat held by Tom Davis.

It quickly became clear why so many were speculating about Davis’ intentions. Many people expressed concern that if Davis does not run, Republicans can kiss the seat goodbye. I tend to agree. The demographics in the 11th District are rapidly changing and our incumbent Congressman is in the best position to hold the seat. It’s unfortunate that should he decide to run, he first has to contend with a primary opponent before setting his sites on Leslie Byrne, the sure to be well funded Democrat challenger.

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Citizen Tom said...

Frankly, I think we would not be that much worse off if Davis did not run.

We tend to get too wrapped around particular personalities. While one individual can make a big difference, that situation arises primarily when we have too many people sitting on the sidelines.

Instead of worrying about Davis, it might be more helpful to figure out who can replace him. Someone with conservative credentials, someone who might vote more like a Republican should vote might be nice for change.