Friday, December 14, 2007

Huckabee On The Ballot!

I got word today that Mike Huckabee will turn in over 19,000 signatures to the State Board of Elections, nearly twice the number needed to appear on the Virginia Presidential Primary ballot.

It has been a pleasure and an honor to work on this effort over the last two weeks. I want to thank and acknowledge all of the volunteers and campaign staff, including Vincent Harris, David John and TJ Maloney, whose dedication made this happen. I especially want to acknowledge my wife Debbie for all of her hard work. She did a fantastic job. Debbie jumped into this campaign headfirst, organizing the collection of hundreds of signatures. She and I actually drove those petitions up to Staunton late last night. It was nice to get back involved in the hard work of grassroots politics for such a great candidate.

With Huckabee’s place on the ballot secured, we now have to begin the next phase of the campaign. Help us spread the word of Mike’s positive vision for our party and our country. Talk to your family, friends and neighbors. Take some time to visit the campaign website using the link on the right. Encourage others to do so as well.


yoder said...

This is great news. A very big thankyou to everyone who worked on this. I was wondering if there was any plan to put up signs ect. before the Va primary in Feb. I would love to help.

Zak Moore said...

We have not heard anything about signs. I will post something here if and when we do. Glad you can help!

Vincent said...

Thanks for your help Senator!