Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Good Candidate Recruitment Is Key

Shaun Kenney has a great post up about some comments made by outgoing Senate Finance Chairman John Chichester. Kenney agrees with Chichester’s assessment that there is very little candidate recruitment taking place. Kenney says we are often quick to promote within the party and usually fail to look outside of the party. He actually makes a great case for why I have started Virginia’s Future Leaders. I have seen the same thing going on for years. Most local party leaders fail to think outside of the box when it comes to candidates. And many times, we get candidates that have very little connection to the community and end up losing because of it.

One aspect of VFL is to identify, recruit and assist candidates in addition to those in the “party pool”. We should be talking to local Chamber’s of Commerce and community based organizations about prospective candidates. Not to say someone from within the party cannot be a good candidate. They can. But, we need to be broader in our search. And remember, good, well-rounded candidates mean more election victories!


Spank That Donkey said...

You are recruiting Republicans or Democrats to go to Richmond and raise taxes?

Brandon Bell said...


We will be recruiting Republican leaders. We absolutely don't want electeds to go to Richmond and increase spending by $1.9B per bienium and call it a "Car Tax Cut".

By the way in the future if you post a "smartass" question on my blog you will get a "smartass" answer.

Merry Christmas!

Spank That Donkey said...

Republicans cut taxes... Again this year I had another net tax cut Thanks to Gov. Jim Gilmore.

and what I meant was are you recruiting Democrats into the Republican Party for the purpose of getting more of your people into the 'ranks' who favor tax increases....

It is not a 'smart ass' question, it is a pretty direct question.

Your whole premise is that we the citizens should pay the full car tax ourselves, and whatever other taxes you can force through the General Assembly for us also.

& Merry Christmas to you...

yoder said...

I have to disagree with Mr. Bell on this one. That wasn't a "smart ass" question but a rather "dumb ass" one.
Why would anyone would want to make a effort to suport Gillmore is beyond me. I allways suport the Republican candidates but he would be a different story. Why work for someone who hasn't a prayer and will get waxed by Warner???