Thursday, December 6, 2007

A Sore Winner in Roanoke County

The Roanoke Times ran a story today on the cover of the Virginia section about incoming Roanoke County Supervisor Charlotte Moore. Apparently Moore is upset that her recent election opponent, Republican Rodney McNeil, was re-appointed to the Planning Commission for the Cave Spring District--McNeil is currently serving on the Commission. Moore felt the current Board "snubbed" her and "acted wrongly" by re-appointing McNeil. She wanted to make the appointment herself. I understand why she feels that way, but was this really the type of media coverage Moore is looking for? She should have taken the high road, commending McNeil for his willingness to serve and expressing a sincere desire to work with him. Instead, Moore looked like a sore winner.

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roy lindamood said...

I think this shows what kind of representative we have in the Cave Spring area. She does not seat until January. She should not be involved in the Board's decisions until that time. Thanks to Rodney for the job he has done and good luck to him in his future service to the citizens of Roanoke County.

Roy Lindamood