Monday, February 4, 2008

A Proud Dad!

As you may know, I was born in Virginia, but grew up in Mississippi. When I was 9 or 10 years old, my all time hero was Archie Manning, quarterback at Ole Miss. He was a true legend in the State. I had every newspaper clipping and even an “Archie Who” button made popular after his big victory over Tennessee as a junior. For such a great quarterback and person, it was always frustrating when he was left to languish in the New Orleans Saints organization. He was never able to realize his full potential in the NFL.

Then came his sons Peyton and Eli. For years the rumors would roll out about the two up and coming Manning quarterbacks growing up. Congratulations to Archie for raising two exceptional young men. No family in football is more deserving of this success. To have Peyton and Eli win back to back MVPs of the Superbowl is absolutely fantastic.

While last night was great, I got a chill when Eli avoided a sack with one minute left in the game, only to complete a long pass putting the Giants in range to win the game. It was like watching his Dad 40 years ago scramble to make plays and excite the fans.

Congratulations Archie!

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