Monday, February 11, 2008

Join Me in Supporting Conservative Mike Huckabee on Tuesday

Tuesday is Election Day in Virginia and I hope you will join me in supporting Conservative Mike Huckabee in the Republican primary. I have been on board with Huck since late last year and am thrilled to see that he is still in this race.

With multiple wins last weekend, Mike is proving that he is the Conservative choice in this race and another win in Virginia will only increase his momentum.

Polls show McCain with a significant lead, but I feel certain this race is much closer. Independents will likely vote in the Democratic primary, meaning they won’t be voting for McCain. This scenario favors Huckabee.

And if you live in Southwest Virginia, join me tonight at 7pm at the Link Museum in Downtown Roanoke as Mike holds a pre-election rally. It should be a high energy event!

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yoder said...

I was a great rally for Mike tonight. He spoke of the greatness of America and the blessings that we so often forget. I am so glad he is still in the race. Go Huck