Tuesday, February 19, 2008

RWL Takes Me to Task Over Smith Post

The Right Wing Liberal didn't much care for my post about Ralph Smith's Big Brother school reporting bill. I know he likes Ralph, but I am surprised he likes this bill. It would seem that the RWL is in the minority on this one--the bill got only one vote in Committee. And that was a courtesy vote from Steve Newman, cast so as not to make Ralph look bad.

But this raises a bigger question. Am I not allowed to ever have a negative opinion about Ralph Smith because he defeated the person I worked for? Or, can every negative opinion I have about Ralph be driven only by bitterness? Ridiculous. And a convenient to shut down the discussion.

By the way, Ralph Smith supported HB 3202 during the campaign. Although I wouldn't expect him to admit it now.



D.J. McGuire said...

No, Zak, Ralph said he ws OK with the abuser fees, but he never went along with the regional government tax nonsense.

On the broader issue, of course you can criticize Ralph, but when you're wrong, I'll call you on it. That's all.

Zak Moore said...

DJ - Being wrong on an issue and being petty and bitter are different.

I remember a quote in a local weekly newspaper where Ralph said he would have supported HB 3202 if he had been in the Senate. I've looked online for it, but their records don't go back very far. You'll have to take my word for it!

MT Blues said...

Frankly. I am totally surprised that Ralph had the capability to summit any type of bill in the senate.

It makes me wonder who is behind the scenes, pulling the puppet strings for Ralph, its very obvious, he needs ALL the help he can get.