Wednesday, February 20, 2008

House GOP Drops Another Seat

Former Delegate Albert Pollard is returning to the House, having won a special election on Tuesday for the seat vacated by Congressman Rob Whitman. If you are keeping track, we are now down to 53 Republicans in the House and have lost seats in every election cycle since 2001. What was once heralded as an impossibility now seems more and more likely to happen—the Democrats taking control of the House. The trend certainly points in that direction.

Pollard won in a solid Republican district. While a Democrat, I don’t think Pollard can be called a liberal. In other words, the Democrats are much better at running candidates that fit their respective districts. At least they have been in recent years. This is a lesson Republicans desperately need to learn and a strategy we need to implement. It is actually one of the mission’s of my PAC, Virginia’s Future Leaders.

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