Friday, June 20, 2008

Offshore Drilling -- Florida

The Democrats are flipping out over the increasing pressure to allows states to drill off their shores. I just watched an interview with the Chief Financial Officer of Florida (D) Alex Sink. She was particularly exercised over Gov. Crist's willingness to have Florida open to offshore drilling. Her argument was that Floridians long ago decided to keep it's waters free of drilling in order to preserve their tourist industry. HELLO! Lady, you aren't going to have a tourist industry because no one will be able to fly or drive to your great state. Unbelievable! Great move by Crist--keep it up.

I would have to put Gov. Crist in the drivers seat for the VP nod based on this. McCain would love for this to be how he is defined against Obama. Heck Sen. Webb has signed on to allow drilling for natural gas off the Virginia coast. Even he sees opposing the offshore drilling is a loosing issue for the Democrats.

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Douglas said...

We need off shore drilling. What are we waiting for. China is 70 - 90 miles off shore of Flordia already. We can do it safely.
If there was a oil spill off the coast of Flordia who better to deal with it us or China who doesn't care about human rights and the environment. They are opening new coal fired power plants - WITH NO THOUGHT TO KEEPING THE ENVIRONMENT SAFE AND CLEAN!!!!!