Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Frederick Raising Money For His House Seat? Will He Resign?

I saw this email posted on Too Conservative. It’s supposedly an email RPV Chair Jeff Frederick sent out asking for contributions to his House of Delegates campaign account. So, why exactly is Jeff raising money if he promised not to run again??? Maybe someone just made it up? If it’s not real, by all means let us know.


I need your help. Really.

Between preparing for the birth of our second child, running my small business to pay the Bills, running for statewide Party office, and going to Richmond for the special sessions, I haven’t been doing much fundraising for House of Delegates seat.

Midnight June 30 is our fundraising deadline for the last 6 months of activity and I’m just $10,000 shy of our goal for this reporting period.

If you can spare a few bucks, I’d be grateful if you could take a minute, go online, and make a financial contribution to our efforts. We need to show strong numbers on this report, and with your help, we’ll be able to do so. I’m counting on it.

Go to: http://votejeff.com/contribute.asp. Or, you can mail a check dated June 30 (or before) to:
Friends of Jeff Frederick
P.O. Box XXX
Woodbridge, VA 22194

Thanks again for all your continued encouragement, support, and especially your prayers.


Lemon.Lyman said...

I think like Goodlatte, Frederick has withdrawn his promise to relinquish his seat. Frederick's small business is an IT contractor-it's not difficult to run and with the amount of federal contracts and subcontracts there's no possible way he's hurting.

His company just won a contract with the GSA. Typical Republican.

Salem Republicans said...

Goodlatte strongly supported term limits but it would be unfair to ask him to "self term limit" when term limits aren't the law. He did, and probably still would, support statutorily imposed term limits but doing it to yourself would just be dumb.

Lemon.Lyman said...

Do as I say, not as I do..it's how Ron "no pork" Paul lives his life too.

Goodlatte signed the Contract with America, it's not my fault he broke his contract because it didn't get the 2/3rd majority...he's a lawyer, he signed a non-binding contract in hopes of political gain, and he got it. You all should throw him overboard and find someone else more capable. Some of you are honest and good.

I suppose since you didn't mention Frederick that you agree with me on that. Awesome.

Brandon Bell said...

First of all we don't know yet what Jeff actually plans. I heard from many that he transfered a large amount from his delegate campaign account to his chairman race. Many PAC leaders were very concerned about this. It is possible that he actually pulled out so much he created a loan against the delegate committee. This may be an attempt to pay down the debt before reports come and out and people find out exactly what he was doing with his campaign funds.

As far as a comparison to Goodlatte, there is none. Goodlatte said he would only serve 12 years. When he felt that he could effectively serve his constituents beyond that point he made it public "before" the next election. Voters didn't care and reelected him in a landslide. Frederick, if he runs for reelection, promised not to if he was elected chairman. 2008 convention voters won't be able to change their vote to Hager if Frederick goes back on his word.

Lemon.Lyman said...

When he felt he could effectively serve? Please let me know what made him think he wouldn't be effective after 12 years. As far as I'm aware, the longer you've been in Congress, the more senior you are, the more likely it is you chair committees, get bills passed and get respect.

Honestly, effectiveness increases with age, he knew that because he was a staffer. The truth is he realized he could continue to make money and do nothing.