Thursday, June 5, 2008

Go Ahead Make My Day!

Hey Hillary, don't wait for the phone call from Barrack. Go ahead and begin your campaign for Vice President now. There is nothing in the rules of either party that the presidential nominee absolutely gets to pick a VP candidate. Balloting for VP is done completely separate from the President.

Here's what you do, see! Contact all your committed delegates and tell them of your plan. Of course they will be with you. Then research Obama's delegates for those coming from regions you carried or did well in. Spend the next couple of months telling them how much you love Barrack and can help him on the ticket. When Barrack announces his pick a week before the convention many won't have a clue who the person is. That is if he doesn't pick your husband (which of course he could do) All you need is a couple hundred votes to swing your way. Piece of cake for you.

Hey, hey, go ahead do it make my day! At least we would have a convention worth tuning into.

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Bubby said...

One word (a big one): Superdelegates

But never mind that, I understand it is fun to fantasize; heck it defines the GOP since the Trickle-down, morning-in-America days of Reaganomics. But you really do need to get your head in the game - Bob Marshall isn't going away, and more Virginians voted for Obama than voted for all of the Republican candidates combined. By 2:1 Roanoke County Republicans voted for Preacher Huckabee over McCain.

So one final word: Evangelicals!