Wednesday, April 16, 2008

McDonnell, Bowling, Cuccinelli, errrrr, Brownlee?

We've got our 2009 Republican ticket, right? Let's see, it's Bob McDonnell for Governor, Bill Bolling for Lt Governor and Ken Cuccinelli for Attorney General. Well, not so fast. I am hearing that Western District US Attorney John Brownlee is seriously considering a run for Attorney General. And I couldn't be happier to hear it.

Competition within the party for our statewide offices is a good thing. Not the nasty name calling and personal attacks like we've seen of late. I mean a good, healthy race. I hate the idea of locking into a ticket over a year away from the Convention. Lets have a race and a discussion of issues. It would seem the most likely place for that to happen is with the AG spot. And John Brownlee may be close to announcing his run.

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Josh H. said...

Well, if you've heard the word going around about Cuccinelli's funding sources, everyone should be happy to hear about Brownlee running (including many of us Democrats who are nauseated by Cuccinelli's sources).