Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Augusta County "Chairman" Seeks Injunction Against 6th District Chairman Anderson--Demands Recognition as True Augusta Chair

I have heard that one of the two Augusta "Chairmen", Kurt Michael, is seeking an injunction from the Court against Fred Anderson, demanding that Anderson recognize him as the true Chairman of the Augusta County Republican Party.

As 6th District Chairman, Anderson has appointed a special Committee to investigate the Augusta County Mass Meeting, where two men have both claimed they were elected Chairman. This Committee has two members, Vito Gentile, Shenandoah Region Vice Chairman, and Rick Claybrook, a long time party activist and attorney with extensive knowledge of party rules. The Committee will present it's findings and recommendations to the 6th District Committee on May 2nd. The Committee can then vote the report up or down, which will decide who the Augusta County Chairman is. The losing Chairman can then appeal to State Central.

Sounds like a fair process to me. So why would Kurt Michael seek to circumvent that process and go to the Court now? If he felt he had a strong case, why not let the process play out to the end? I think it's because Michael is worried that he doesn't have a strong case. So if you can't play by the party rules, just get the Court involved. Absolutely disgusting tactics by Michael. Shame on him.

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