Wednesday, January 23, 2008

House Repeals Abuser Fees--Without Griffith’s Help

I am sure you’ve read that the House of Delegates voted to repeal the much hated abuser fees. No big surprise there. What was surprising was that my own Delegate, Majority Leader Morgan Griffith, was one of only two Delegates to oppose the repeal. That’s right, just two votes in favor of the fees! Even Dave Albo, who crafted the original legislation, voted for the repeal.

Too often, our elected officials continue to support bad legislation because they don’t want to admit they made a mistake. I admitted my mistake on this issue last summer and called for a Special Session to fix the problem. I, like the vast majority of his constituents, are left scratching our heads and wondering why Griffith would vote in favor of the fees. I have found that most people are willing to forgive mistakes when you own up to them. However, constituents are probably not so forgiving of lawmakers who stubbornly cling to bad policy.

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