Wednesday, January 9, 2008

And Then There Were Two

Ending months (or in some cases over a year) of speculation, George Allen yesterday announced that he will not seek the Governor’s office in 2009. I can’t say that I am surprised. I reported on Roanoke Red Zone last month that George did not have the presence at the Republican Advance of someone running for Statewide office. Knowing where George stands is a good thing for a our party and opens the field for other would be candidates.

It’s no secret that Bob McDonnell is running for Governor, no matter who else is running. Bill Bolling seemed disinclined to run against his political mentor. With Allen out, I would assume Bolling is in. But don’t expect any announcements from the Lt Governor. He’s made it clear that 2008 is about 2008 elections. Not those in 2009.

With Bolling now likely to run for Governor, the field opens up for down ticket races. Up to this point, surprisingly few have expressed interest. Delegate Chris Saxman and former Senator Jay O’Brien are both testing bids for Lt Governor. Senators Mark Obenshain and Ken Cuccinelli, along with Delegate Rob Bell are rumored to be interested in Attorney General.

But just wait--there will soon be “news” everyday of the next person showing interest in running. I expect nearly every Republican member of the House of Delegates will flirt with the idea.

One action by the State Central Committee could be a splash of cold water on the entire process. The Committee could adopt a rule that would allow a losing candidate for Governor to “drop back” and seek the nomination of the office they currently held. I would call on the State Central Committee to immediately state that they will not adopt such a rule. Having this option will only decrease the number and quality of those candidates seeking down ticket offices. Think about it. Why would you seriously consider a run for Attorney General if you knew there was an even chance that the sitting AG would lose his bid for Governor, declare his candidacy for another term as Attorney General at the Convention and win handedly?


roanoke county republican said...



yoder said...

Would you consider running for Lt. Gov. ? I think that you could do very well state wide and you have the time now that you are not in the senate. If you started now you could build a large grassroots effort.

Crystal said...

With all due respect Senator, how in the world can you be so polite to Ralph Smith? This morning I opened up the Roanoke Times to find him grinning on the front page. He was professing his innate leadership abilities - watching SQUIRRELS outside on the front lawn in Richmond.

I have watched silently during his two campaigns waiting for him to impress me, and this is the first statement he makes to the media as my senator???

So, here are my tax dollars hard at work - we have hired a self proclaimed "squirrel watcher" who mentally unplugs when difficult issues arrise on the senate floor!

I'm totally disgusted. I'm with yoder - he/she may be on to something, Mr. Bell.

Brandon Bell said...

Yoder and Crystal,

I am honored that you would see in such a way. While you never know what political opportunities will come, now is not a good time for me to consider running for political office. It takes a lot out of you and I need to focus on my family, business and encouraging other quality candidates to seek office.

As far as Senator Smith, I will refrain from commenting on his actions or words. He is free to chart his own course as he seeks to provide the leadership we need.

county republican said...

The government controlled schools already have a firm hold and a major negative impact on our children now....the thoughts of universal pre-K is about as scary as having Hillary elected President on November 4, 2008.

If I had it to do over again, I would have "home-schooled" my kids, and never would have let them been influenced by such an unfavorable and detrimental force in their young and impressionable lives.

Another thought to be considered ...Ms. Hillary wants to spend 10 BILLION dollars of our hard earned tax money to support her agenda of providing universal pre-k for all the children in "our villages."