Wednesday, October 29, 2008

P. S. You're Fired

I know I said I was leaving the blogging world but I had to put up this one last post.

Tonight I got an email from the Secretary of Roanoke County Republican Committee. I was informed that I would be removed as a member of the committee if I didn't attend a meeting of the committee tomorrow night. Are you kidding me! Less than one week before an election you issue this threat in order to have warm bodies at a meeting. This party that I have been a part of since I was 10 years old has been imploding for two years and this just shows it continues.

This email came from a member of less than one year. I have been a member for over 22, served as Vice Chairman and Chairman along with serving two terms from this county in the Virginia Senate. We don't have the smartest bunch running the show these days. The policy of being removed from the committee was intended to deal with those missing three consecutive quarterly meeting not three meeting within the last three months. Oh well they are in charge and can do whatever they want.

This party I joined has fallen even farther than I thought possible. Virginia is likely to go Dem. for President and our Senate candidate will not likely break 40%. Based on the yard signs I have seen Roanoke County will even go for Mark Warner. Unbelievable.

Great plan guys--6 days from an election--threaten to remove a long time member from a committee.

Once the dust has settled from Nov. 4th our work will begin to put this GOP back together again.


Harry Landers said...

With all due respect, if you really want to be involved with the party, why don't you just show up at the meetings and fix whatever needs fixing, now? You don't have to wait until after the election. It's got to be frustrating for the folks who are taking an active role in the party to see others who, to their eyes, are not particularly interested in spending that much time on party affairs. I understand how you'd take it as an insult in light of your past service, but maybe you can take a step back and re-analyze the situation?

James Young said...

So, Brandon, you received the courtesy of a letter warning you that you were about to miss your third consecutive meeting, which is a requirement imposed by the Party Plan for RPV, and has been a requirement for as long as I've been a member of a local committee (not 22 years, but nearly as long), and you're whining about it. And you're criticizing the local committee for holding monthly meetings?!?!

Sounds like your local committee is very active. Why that's something to complain about is beyond my powers of reasoning.

Membership on an official committee is a party leadership position. If you can't show up to one meeting out of three over a period of three months --- or find a proxy to vote for you --- it suggests a level of disinterest inconsistent with that obligation and the duties that accompany it. That you would complain about a long-standing and well-known requirement suggests a level of immaturity inconsistent with your resume.

Zak Moore said...

I have an idea. I think RPV should enforce this rule--Statewide--on the eve of the Presidential election. That's right, Chairman Frederick should issue a call today for every Committee in the Commonwealth to drop any member that has not been to 3 consecutive meetings. So John Doe has a McCain sign in his yard, he's got the bumper sticker on his car, he's talking to his friends about voting Republican, he may even have made some phone calls and knocked on some doors. But DAMN IT, he's missed 3 meetings! So what if works nights or has a young family that keeps him busy on weeknights. Any clear thinking person in this party would obviously want to kick that person out.

Brandon Bell said...


Thanks for reminding me why it is a total waste of my time to participate in the blogging world.

Blue Max said...

Brandon, I think if you spent as much time attacking Democrats as you do Republicans, we all would be much better off.

Reviewing your past comments, one might conclude a better name for your blog would be Roanoke Blue Zone.....

Brandon Bell said...

Blue Max,

This post isn't an attack on Republicans or Republican policies. It points out a really stupid way to motivate people to work harder to elect Republicans in the last few days. I didn't get anything like this from other committees like Salem or Montgomery County. Grow up, take the feedback and move one.

Brandon Bell said...

Also Blue Max, I had planned on attending the meeting before I got the email. I'm not a big fan of threats.

Happy Halloween!