Friday, October 10, 2008

Leaving the Blogging World

As you probably have noticed we haven't put up a post in some time. Zak and I have been focused on the real world problems facing our financial system and economy. It is hard to put an opinion forward and debate it as if it didn't affect real people. While I have a number of opinions regarding our financial future and political, I have decided for the near term future to keep them to myself.

My experience over the past year of blogging has been mixed. I was disappointed in the early days that comments seemed to be directed toward attacking me personally. It was something that I was used to from being in public office but it got old. That seemed to wane over time thankfully.

When we started this blog there wasn't really anyone commenting on Roanoke Valley GOP politics. Since then a great blog was initiated "Roanoke Valley Republicans". I suggest that everyone visit their site to get a flavor of what is happening around here.

Thanks to all who welcomed me to this endeavor and the best to all of you in the future.


Salem Republicans said...

Thanks for the kind words. We're around if you need us.

yoder said...

I'm very sorry to here this. You were the first blog I would come to when I wanted sound logic and rational thinking.