Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Rasoul a Closet Republican?

There are some rumors floating around here in Roanoke that Sam Rasoul, who is running for the Democratic nomination to challenge Congressman Bob Goodlatte, is actually a Republican. Apparently Sam's thinking is that he is young and wants to make a name for himself and running as a Democrat is the most convenient way to make a splash.

Drew Richardson of Augusta County is also vying for the Democrat nomination. Conventional wisdom suggests that a candidate from the Roanoke area would have the advantage. But if a rumor like this picks up some momentum, Rasoul could have a much more difficult fight on his hands. No candidate in a nomination fight wants to have to defend his party allegiance. This race hasn't drawn much attention as of yet, but a contentious and divisive nomination fight would of course benefit Republican Bob Goodlatte.


kestrel9000 said...

"There are some rumors floating around...."
I guess there are, now that you've started them.

Zak Moore said...
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Zak Moore said...

Attack the messenger...classic. I don't know Sam Rasoul (so I can't confirm his party loyalty) but I didn't just make this up. I have heard it from several people that I trust. Notice I called it a rumor, not a fact. But, the rumor is out there and Rasoul needs to address it.

kestrel9000 said...

Why does he "need to"?
Try substantiating something, and maybe there'll be a "need".
Until and unless that happens....
this is reminiscent of the LBJ pig story.