Saturday, August 23, 2008

Will Bolling have to wait on Governor?

Ok so Biden is the pick and Kaine is left waiting. But to have made it to a very short list is something for the young Governor. He can count on being very high in consideration in a potential Obama cabinet.

What a minute! If Obama is elected won't he name a cabinet in December to have them prepared to take office in January. What if he wants Kaine to be say Attorney General of the US. Would Kaine take with only one year left and still facing a slowing economy and a difficult budget adjusting session in January of 2009. You betcha!

So Bolling may be elevated to Governor yet. However such an elevation coming next year when McDonnell is ramping up for Governor and Bolling is preparing to run for reelection will be even more disruptive to the GOP. Election year 2009 may not be as clear cut as we think.

Our only way out of this fix is to elect John McCain President and carrying Virginia will be absolutely key to making that happen.


Brian said...

I'm going to assume that the AG suggestion is a joke. Maybe Gov. Kaine could be the Sec. of Transportation. I apologize for the obviousness of that line.

More seriously, why wouldn't President Obama just wait until 2010 to find a place for Kaine? The best reason that I can think of the 2009 Gubernatorial race - assuming the Dems think that LG Bolling would be weaker opponent that AG McDonnell.

Brandon Bell said...

He could wait until 2010 but the plums would be in the cabinet and that will be by Jan 2009. Appointments coming later like in 2010 will be lower. It's very possible it could be an ambassorship(sic) in a spanish speaking county but that might be seen as a mere bone to a VP finalist.