Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Another Breiner Run?

Roanoke Valley Republicans has a good post up about former State Senate candidate Dr. Mike Breiner. Dr. Breiner is holding over $100,000 in his campaign account as of the most recent filing. I agree with RVR. There is no reason to maintain a balance that size, especially with a $60,000 personal loan that could easily be paid off with that money, unless you are keeping your options open to run again.

I hear Senator Smith, Dr. Breiner's former rival, has a big outstanding personal loan...maybe he should place a debt retirement call to the good doctor.....



Salem Republicans said...


You're correct about Senator Smith's current financial situation. His latest report shows $39k in "expendable funds" but $90k in unpaid personal loans. In layman's terms, he's about $51k in the hole. During his 2007 primary and general campaigns he reports loaning the campaign $90k and donating another $40k.

Honestly, I think both Smith's and Breiner's reports raise some issues for their donors. For Smith's folks, it has to be disappointing that the numbers are that weak. For Breiner's folks, they have to be asking themselves why did they give him money if he wasn't going to spend it? Who thinks Breiner could have picked up the few additional votes he needed if he'd spent that $100k? Could have made a difference.


Zak Moore said...

I agree on your assessment of Ralph. Not much effort at raising money and he's got that big loan sitting out there. I know lack of fundraising was a big issue during the 2007 campaign and it looks like it will continue to be in the future. Of course, the spending issues, which I addressed in a previous post, are another topic altogether.

As for Breiner, I know first hand that spending decisions can be difficult. In hindsight, yes, he probably wishes he had spent the rest of the money. As close as it was, it may have put him over the top. But I think you always resist the urge to over do it. In the Senate primary, we could have spent more money, but we felt like it was over kill. Of course, that was a mistake. It's always a hard call.